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The second Postgraduate Conference for Computing: Applications and Theory (PCCAT 2011) was a resounding success. Held in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences on the 8th June. The conference saw papers presented from a range of universities across the South West of England, including Plymouth, Bristol and the University of the West of England.

The day of the conference began with a keynote by Professor Steve Furber, the ICL Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Manchester, that provided an interesting and thought-provoking start to the day. The papers were split into three sessions; each session having a broad cohesive theme. These themes were Modelling and Design, HCI and Evolutionary Computing. As well as the presented papers some postgraduates chose to display posters of their work during the lunch break. This break also provided a chance for people to mingle and build on the professional relationships that are so important within academia. The afternoon was split into two parts by a panel discussion featuring Professor Steve Furber, Dr Nicholas Outram (Associate Professor, University of Plymouth), Dr Ed Keedwell (Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Exeter) and Timothy Creswick (Founder and Director of Vorboss Ltd, CTO of Brian Industries), covering both the academic and industrial communities, to consider the "Future of Computing" as it applied to early-career researchers; those who would be at the forefront of research into the new technologies and approaches. The day was concluded with prizes being awarded for best paper and for best poster. The prizes were kindly funded by the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB).

We would like to thank both the Steering and Programme Committees for their hard work and support without which PCCAT 2011 would not have been possible. In addition we are grateful to the reviewers for the promptness of their responses and the dedication they showed in ensuring that the quality of presented work has been kept high. We are also thankful to the AISB for providing a substantial sum for the prizes. Finally we would like to acknowledge the sponsors of the conference, the University of Exeter and the University of Plymouth, the generosity, both fiscally and with their time, given by these institutions and their staff has been of immeasurable importance for the success of the day.

Max Dupenois and David Walker
(PCCAT 2011 Programme Chairs)


PCCAT 2011 conference proceedings can be found here.

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