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Postgraduate Conference for Computing: Applications and Theory (PCCAT) 9th June 2010

We are pleased to invite you to attend PCCAT 2010. Hosted by the University of Exeter, PCCAT 2010 will be the first of what we hope to become an annual opportunity for postgraduate students researching within the Computing discipline from across the South West.

Although Computing is a fairly new discipline, since its origins it has grown rapidly and now there are many different fields of research within the discipline. For example: machine learning, spatial and temporal reasoning, computational organisation, natural language processing, automated design, computer modelling, image processing, robotics and processing, formal specification, cryptography and mobile computing. Many of these disciplines are inter-linked and a forum that brings together researchers from a wide range of interests is now a necessity.

Hosted by postgraduate students from the University of Exeter, PCCAT aims to bring together postgraduate researchers from the South West whose research focuses on an application or theoretical aspect of computing. The theme of the conference is deliberately broad to allow participants to gain an insight into the wide range of research being carried out in local universities and provide a forum for discussion. There will also be an opportunity to attend a presentation from an invited speaker who is a leading researcher within the discipline - details to be announced shortly.